The Alkemistry Partners With Gemfields To Retail Limited Edition African Pendants

London-based jewelry store The Alkemistry has teamed up with colored gemstone supplier Gemfields and is now offering its new limited-edition pendant.

The Jewel of Africa x Gemfields pendant, limited to just 100 pieces, was designed to mark the completion of a trilogy of books sponsored by Gemfields.

The book series began in 2013 with emerald, which was followed by Ruby in 2017.

The trilogy now ends with the new version Sapphire, marking the end of nearly a decade of research by author Joanna Hardy.

To mark this milestone, Gemfields has partnered with Jewel of Africa to create a special limited edition of 100 Jewel of Africa x Gemfields pendants crafted in the shape of the African continent and containing the “big three” gemstones in a symbolic continental kaleidoscope.

The pendant features a 0.20 ct round Zambian emerald, 0.12 ct Mozambique ruby ​​and 0.12 ct sapphire, all set in an 18k yellow gold African outline.

Gemfields CEO Sean Gilbertson said: “We are delighted to mark the completion of our table book trilogy with the Jewel of Africa x Gemfields pendant in continental colors.

“Today Mozambique and Zambia derive more value than ever from their colorful gemstone resources.

“In designing this piece, the talented Jewel of Africa team in Zambia brought to life a talisman signifying a key principle of Gemfields: that Africa’s wealth of gemstones must contribute significantly not only to the economies of the host country. , but also to host communities and the next generation. education, health and livelihood projects. We can’t wait to see the new computer lab in action.

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