Louis Vuitton launches 11 Vivienne pendants

Louis Vuitton revealed 11 crystal-adorned dolls featuring the brand’s mascot Vivienne – recently featured in the LV mobile game – who can adapt her style to any environment you place her in.

The limited edition Travelers from VivienneCharms in the collection can be showcased as both necklace pendants and standalone display adornments. Colors are bold and playful using a wide range of precious materials including diamonds, platinum, gold, onyx, pearl and special lacquer.

Highlight pieces include the Vivienne Panda pendant holding a bamboo rod, the Vivienne Surfur that captures the essence of a West Coast summer, the Vivienne casino dressed in a pattern of playing card suits, the Vivienne dressed monogram carved wood accents paying homage to the original LV trunks, the Vivienne Samurai holding a white gold katana, and the Vivienne Royal inspired by the royal attire of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Finally, in honor of Monsieur Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday, the Vivienne Celebration pendant is set in 18K white and yellow gold entirely covered with 124 diamonds of 36 different colors.

To exhibit the Vivienne collection, a unique Louis Vuitton M20457 jewelry trunk is available.

The latest series of limited edition Vivienne jewelry and the Louis Vuitton trunk are now available on the LV official website.

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