KFC torque promise list topped with two R45K diamond rings

Last night Twitter was left in a frenzy after KFC South Africa posted a video clip of a man kneeling at one of his grocery stores.

Since then, the KFC-South African proposal has sparked a huge swarm of promises from Twitter users and businesses, with high hopes that they will deliver on their commitments.

In a recent shocking pledge, Twitter businessman Billy Dlamini pledged two gold and diamond rings, each worth R45,000, for the couple’s wedding.

Watch the video below showing a list of all the supporters who have decided to bless the couple’s marriage, from the Lobola process to the honeymoon:

Earlier this year, a Zimbabwean couple engaged in a Chicken Inn store and received a similar public coup.

As this goes against popular belief of a fancy proposition in super exquisite locations; Some social media users have criticized the marriage proposal, claiming that Mzansi’s men lack class and therefore offer in cheap fast food restaurants.

However, what can not be guaranteed is the huge turnout if you plan to achieve such a feat for your proposal.

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