How the position of safety became a strength for Georgian football

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The gold necklace that helps explain Georgian football’s excellent safety game

ATHENS — Georgia safety Christopher Smith admits he hasn’t worn his national championship ring as much as he should have. When he spoke to reporters on Monday, he wears a chain with a soldier’s hat on it, a nod to his “soulja” nickname. The jewelry fits perfectly with the way Smith plays football.

But the jewel that excites Smith the most is not the one he owns. It’s a golden necklace that he won in the first week of the season, following his performance against Oregon.

This would be the string $Mobb – More Opportunity Building Brand. It is awarded weekly by new defensive backs coach Fran Brown. It goes to the best defensive back of the week.

So far, a different security has worn the gold necklace, evoking excellent play by a group that was a major question mark to start the season.

“It’s changed hands three times since the start of the season, so a lot of DBs have been eating lately,” Smith said. “It’s a lot better than my channel, hers is a lot brighter, costs a lot more. Love being able to wear it and have the diapers with mine. It’s an added incentive from Coach Fran to do some good as a defensive core. I think that helps us establish a competitive balance within our team.

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