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Antiques Roadshow visited Christchurch Park in Ipswich for a previous episode of the hit BBC show. The episode saw the appraisal of an Imperial Chinese porcelain vase, some solid gold lapel badges, and paintings by a famous Suffolk artist. But, it was diamond rings that caught the eye of antiques expert Joanna Hardy. She stunned the owner of the jewelry when she revealed the items were worth around £ 10,000.

Joanna was delighted that the guest brought all three rings to the show: “Normally I get to see one ring, but here I have three.”

The guest revealed that his great-grandfather bought the rings around 1910.

She explained that they had been passed down by the family over the years and were now in her possession.

Intrigued, Joanna examined each of the three rings and rated the quality of the stones.

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Moving on to the third ring, Joanna said, “Then you have this beautiful shuttle shaped stone, again with cushion shaped diamonds and the center stone is a sapphire.

“When I look inside the sapphire with my trusting magnifying glass here, it has that kind of nice, milky, velvety feel inside and that indicates to me that it could possibly be from the cashmere.

“They are adorable. They are really beautiful,” added the gemologist.

“So I would say at auction the sapphire and shuttle diamond cluster ring here, I would say, is around £ 2,000, the diamond cluster ring is around £ 2,000 and the diamond ring is around £ 2,000 and the diamond ring is around £ 2,000. single stone diamond is around five to seven thousand pounds.

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