From pendants to earrings, Karnataka woman turns breast milk into jewelry for mothers

When a family is lucky enough to have a child, everything else is gone and the newborn is a whole new world for parents. The baby just gives a magical touch to the mundane days of routine life. Parents, especially mothers, want to preserve every happy moment of their child. Namitha Naveen, from Bengaluru, with these feelings in mind, has come up with unique breast milk jewelry and a wide range of keepsakes using the umbilical cord, baby teeth, first clipped fingernails and the hair of a new born.

Namitha felt like she was preserving the memories when she gave birth to her son. She wanted to cherish the memories of breastfeeding and the baby’s childhood forever.

As the child grows up, her idea also takes shape in terms of making jewelry using breast milk, the child’s umbilical cord, the first clipped nails and hair. Namitha had done her master’s degree in biotechnology, which was useful for her research.

Today, her jewelry resonates with life and testimonies of their memories that could be carried everywhere. Namitha Naveen, whose passion for preserving memories took the form of entrepreneurship by launching Mlkytale jewelry from Mumma.

Namitha told IANS that many parents keep the first cut fingers with them in paper or a box to cherish their child’s memories. But, he will get lost. “When they are with you as a pendant, ring, earring, memories can be cherished forever, in a beautiful way. Jewelry is also made with baby teeth, umbilical cord, cut first nails, hair and breast milk, ”she explains.

Sudha Anand from Bengaluru told IANS: “I have kept the umbilical cord and the milk as jewelry. I think this is one of the best jewelry I have in my locker right now.

It’s something she did for her son, so she could gift it to him on his 18th birthday and tell him how they were bonded for nine months and after the pregnancy.

It is a great keepsake or keepsake for life. “I had no idea how to make a piece of jewelry like this. A friend of mine told me I should do something like this. My son was born on May 10 and I made sure we made this piece of jewelry because it is a lifelong memory, ”she explained.

“We’ve been trying to have a baby for a long time, almost eight years. We understand the value of parenthood more than anything else. I think this is a very expensive time. Sooner or later the baby will grow up. Only these types of memories are the ones that bring back those beautiful memories that we connected throughout the trip, ”she explained.

Divya from Hyderabad said she loved everything that was done, the gift is so beautiful, she has no words to thank, it made her breastfeeding trip wonderful.

Namitha had been in the arts and crafts since childhood. She started with lifecasting five years ago. Most of the young mothers are his clients.

She began her research by searching the internet and found her own wording. “It was difficult because the milk was turning black or brown. It took 6 to 8 months of research, she explained.

“Recently we made a couple ring for parents in Mumbai. The jewelry was made using the umbilical cord of their deceased baby. It was so touching, we had tears of emotion “, recalls Namitha.

“We have the jewelry made at a jeweler and in this room we preserve breast milk or baby’s hair, nails or umbilical cord. Orders are received from all over India. I guess we are the first to make this unique type of jewelry, ”she says.

Some get the pendants with four inclusions of breast milk, baby hair, fingernails, and umbilical cord. Breastmilk heart jewelry and simple heart keepsake have also become popular.

She explains that the processing is very tedious. Breast milk should be stored for a day and after using the chemical it should be dried again. Then it has to be crushed again and it has to dry out. These steps are very important. Everyone must be followed. That’s why everything is personalized, she adds.

Jewelry is available from Rs 1,300 to Rs 3,500 for silver and gold coated jewelry items. Custom items will be billed based on weight and manufacturing costs.

Namitha does the chores on her own with the support of her husband. “There is an increase in demand for umbilical cord jewelry. They will be crushed and added to jewelry or made into pendants where a piece of umbilical cord floats in a glass ball, ”she says.

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