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Remember the little girl video that went viral recently, who was beyond words excited because Michael Myers showed up to his birthday party? Well, there are millions of other little kids who love “The Shape” of the


series. And someday, they’ll grow up and need some costume jewelry to show their love for Haddonfield’s toughest slasher. And now someone has made the pendants of their dreams. Well, of their nightmares, we should say.


People at Aporro designed this beautiful custom 14k iced gold Michael Myers pendant. A made to wear to the most chic of Halloween parties. The pendant is made of brass with a gold plating, with cubic zirconia stones. And for $ 650.00, it can be yours.

Puzzle pendants from Aporro.


Corn what if Michael is not your thing? And Jigsaw du


cinema is more your style? Well, Aporro has you covered too. Their personalized white gold iced out puzzle pendant is a thing of beauty. And unlike that of Michael Myers, will set you back $ 499.99. This one is also made of brass with a gold plating, with cubic zirconia stones. So do we buy a Michael Myers or a Jigsaw pendant? Well, as the latter was so fond of saying in the


films, “take your pick”.

Michael Myers, Jigsaw and Jason Voorhees pendants by Markus Dayan.

Markus Dayan

But both might be a little too rich for your blood (see how we worked in the blood?) Markus Dayan The Michael Myers Iced pendant could be more for you. At the price of $ 198.90, hardcore


fans with a taste for the shiny might not want to pass up this one. And Markus Dayan also has his own version of a Jigsaw pendant, as well as one for Jason Voorhees from

Friday 13

. Now where can we get an icy gold Ghostface pendant? That one must exist too, right?

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How To Give It… with pendants, paintings and a little whiskey Fri, 24 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Jewelry to raise funds for Afghan women

Sabine hoops in recycled silver and recycled 14k gold plated By Pariah

Debuting next week, Jewelers for Afghanistan brings together 25 British jewelry designers to raise funds for Afghan women. The strengths of selling online include a Shaun Léane defense bracelet in silver and diamond and a Theo Fennell key pendant in white gold and diamonds; The coins are estimated at between £ 270 and £ 1,750, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Women for Afghan Women, which provides community support and education to women, children and families across Afghanistan. September 27-October 4,

Works of Anish Kapoor, Jenny Saville and co support the Make a Wish Foundation

Omo, 2019, by Anish Kapoor
Omo, 2019, by Anish Kapoor © Anish Kapoor. All rights reserved, DACS, 2021

Next month, philanthropist Batia Ofer will present her annual Art of Wishes gala at the Natural History Museum in London. Founded in 2017 to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which creates valuable experiences for children with serious illnesses, Ofer’s fundraising initiative builds on his long list of contacts in the arts community. This year’s event will see works by Anish Kapoor, Jenny Saville and Rashid Johnson up for auction, as well as animation by David Walliams and the cast of The Lion King. October 11;

Iris Apfel, Gloria Steinem and Drew Barrymore team up for No Kid Hungry

Hyacinths for the Soul, 2020, by Pamela Jaccarino

Hyacinths for the Soul, 2020, by Pamela Jaccarino © Pamela Jaccarino

According to a new report from Feed America, one in six children could go hungry in the United States this year. To help combat that figure, interior designer Charlotte Moss has asked more than 120 luminaries to answer the meaning of “home,” and compiled her findings into a cheerful new book, all of the royalties from which will go to No hungry child, the Washington-based nonprofit that works to end child hunger. Title Welcome: a celebration, the collection includes essays, artwork and photographs by contributors such as Iris Apfel, Gloria Steinem and Drew Barrymore. Posted on October 5,

Prints to support emerging artists

Grandmother, 2020, by Elena Helfrecht
Grandmother, 2020, by Elena Helfrecht © The Moth House Ltd / Elena Helfrecht

Independent publisher The Moth House has been a positive force on the UK art scene since 2002, hosting publicly funded exhibitions, creative seminars and workshops across the country. Recently, the platform launched its Print Sales Program, a monthly collection of works by emerging artists in its mentoring program, Artistic Practice Support. The latest is a print by German artist Elena Helfrecht, whose series, Unternächte (Night), explores magic, dreams, rituals and clairvoyance.

A whiskey that benefits the V&A Dundee

The Dalmore Decades 1951

The Dalmore Decades 1951

As part of Dalmore’s four-year partnership with V&A Dundee – “a celebration of design, creativity and vision” – the Alness distillery is auctioning off a collection of six single malts, donating 15% of the proceeds to the museum. From 1951 to 2000, each glass celebrates an important moment in The Dalmore’s 180-year history, from one of the last whiskeys distilled by its founders to the first Scottish spirit produced in the new millennium (12:02 a.m., January 1, 2000). October 8,

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Queen Letizia: Royal stuns in new lilac suit and 18k gold earrings – ‘elegant lady’ Thu, 23 Sep 2021 08:05:43 +0000

Queen Letizia of Spain is known for her impeccable style and choice of jewelry. The 49-year-old attended a meeting at the AECC (Spanish Association against Cancer) yesterday where she looked stunning in a costume.

Putting safety first, Letizia added a white medical mask to her outfit, in line with Spain’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Opting for a new outfit she’s never worn before, the royal opted for a pastel-colored lilac suit.

The suit jacket, which was oversized, had two large pockets on each side.

The cigarette pants had a crease in the middle and reached Letizia’s ankles.

READ MORE: Kate Middleton has jewelry ‘more precious than diamonds’

This isn’t the first time Letizia has worn stylish pumps, which are in fact a staple in her wardrobe.

For jewelry, the mother-of-two added a stunning pair of new earrings to the look, priced at £ 1,000.

Suarez Idalia rose gold diamond earrings are 18k gold with 0.23ct brilliant diamond pendants in drop style.

The Queen of Spain styled her long brunette locks with a light wave and went for natural makeup.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts on the stylish look, royal fans praised Letizia’s outfit.

Instagram user Nestor Perez said: “Fashion icon !!! “

Another person, Neveen, wrote: “What an elegant woman. I love trying on her outfits!

“She never fails, does she,” wrote Maria Pento.

One user, Gabriella Real, said: “I wonder if she has a stylist or styles herself, she looks amazing.”

Earlier this week, Letizia stepped out in a £ 299 black leather dress from & Other Stories.

The elegant dress featured short sleeves and a wide leather belt.

The Queen added her same Prada nude heels to complete the look with a pair of large hoops.

She finished off the look with lashes of mascara and her brown hair tied back in a ponytail.

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From Rolex watches to diamond rings, meet the women who embrace the art of ‘self-gifting’ Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:33:11 +0000

Louise Moody feels a frisson of excitement as she gazes at the beautifully wrapped gift bearing her name beneath the Christmas tree. 

For come Christmas morning she knows there’ll be none of the old dread that her presents might be ill-fitting clothes, shoes she doesn’t like, or even a vacuum cleaner like one a friend’s husband once ‘treated’ her to.

Because three years ago Louise, 47, put a stop to feigned delight. Now, opening her festive gifts is, she says, utterly thrilling.

Why? Because she buys them for herself — and with some style. Her first ‘to me, from me’ gift was a 1.78-carat aqua blue diamond and platinum ring costing £4,500 for Christmas 2017.

‘It was paid for with my savings, which meant my accountant husband Andrew couldn’t protest,’ says Louise, from Chelmsford, Essex.

Louise Moody, 47, feels a frisson of excitement as she gazes at the beautifully wrapped gift bearing her name beneath the Christmas tree

‘For Christmas 2018, I bought myself a £4,500 Rolex watch, last year I blew £600 on a pair of black Louboutin heels, and this year I’ve splurged £2,000 on a platinum and diamond eternity ring.’

Self-gifting is a trend that’s exploded in recent years, but never more so than this Christmas with many of us feeling we deserve to treat ourselves after the ravages of 2020.

Known in the retail industry as the ‘lipstick effect’, research has shown that women are more likely to purchase luxury gifts for themselves during difficult times. According to drinks brand Bacardi’s research, half of Britons intend to self-gift this month, with an average spend of £181.

Global financial consultancy Deloitte says Black Friday is a major factor, with many people snapping up luxury items at a discount then wrapping them as gifts for themselves.

RSPCA press officer Amy De-Keyzer, 32, feels similar anticipation about self-gifting, something she started in 2017

RSPCA press officer Amy De-Keyzer, 32, feels similar anticipation about self-gifting, something she started in 2017

Meanwhile, the Gift Card & Voucher Association (GCVA) estimates self-gifting represents 21.8 per cent of consumer spend on gift cards — worth more than £1 billion — where shoppers buy gift cards at discounted rates for themselves,.

Psychologist Martin Goodyer says self-gifting can be hugely beneficial for our esteem.

‘There is a joy in buying gifts for other people because it helps bolster our internal self-worth,’ he says. ‘But even better is when you strengthen your self-worth by recognising you too are deserving of a special gift.

‘It need not be big nor expensive, but it must be something you would not normally buy for yourself.

‘Making sure you’re on your own list to receive a gift stimulates powerful, feel-good emotions.’

Devotees such as Louise say self-gifting is infinitely more thrilling than the anticipation of unwrapping a gift you’ll loathe.

‘I don’t want surprises — I want to treat myself to things I’ve coveted for months or even years, and the only way to ensure they find their way down our chimney at Christmas is to buy them myself,’ she says.

You might imagine her husband would feel put out that Louise has so little faith in him. On the contrary.

‘He’s useless at buying presents,’ adds Louise, who works long hours running her bakery business (sticky from home, where the couple live with their children aged 14 and 11.

‘The things he used to buy me usually had to go back to the shops because they didn’t fit or I didn’t like them. Even my mum tells me I’m hard to buy for.

‘Self-gifting takes the pressure off Andrew and he’s quite happy just buying me stocking fillers such as the perfume he knows I like. This year he’s buying me jeans, which I’ve chosen to make sure he doesn’t get the wrong brand, size or style.

For social-media manager Stephanie Merry it's the whiff of a new leather Mulberry handbag that puts her in the festive mood

For social-media manager Stephanie Merry it’s the whiff of a new leather Mulberry handbag that puts her in the festive mood

‘He loves antiques, so if there’s something he particularly wants I’ll buy that for him.

‘There’s a real sense of satisfaction buying myself a significant present after working extremely hard all year, frequently for 14 hours a day.

‘I’d always coveted an aqua diamond ring, and when Andrew bought himself a Rolex for his fortieth birthday, because he also works really hard, I decided I wanted one, too.

‘The eternity ring I’m self-gifting this year will replace my existing one as it’s gold whereas my wedding and engagement rings are platinum and I wanted one to match.

‘When I bought it, I handed it straight to Andrew to wrap and put under the tree. Part of the anticipation is I don’t look at my gifts after I’ve bought them until I open them at Christmas.

‘My friends don’t self-gift — they just complain about what their husbands buy for them.’

For many of us, the aromas of mince pies and mulled wine are synonymous with Christmas. But for social-media manager Stephanie Merry it’s the whiff of a new leather Mulberry handbag that puts her in the festive mood.

This is the fifth Christmas she’s gifted herself a pricey bag from the British brand, but this year she also had a Black Friday online blowout on a £370 cashmere scarf by Burberry and £360 Valentino sandals.

It is 2020, after all.

Joining them under the Christmas tree, bought during a trip to Selfridges in London, is a Mulberry Amberley in black with studs, costing £597 in the sale.

‘I should have been in Dubai with my family for Christmas, but that’s been cancelled, and with the money I’ve saved on commuting, socialising and holidays, I decided to treat myself even more than normal,’ says Stephanie, 33, who lives in Stevenage, Herts, and has a successful lifestyle blog (

‘I’m single and I don’t have any nieces or nephews, so I’m indulging myself while I can and because I work really hard.’

She started self-gifting for Christmas 2016 when her blog took off as a side hustle, meaning she suddenly had more income.

‘I’ve always loved luxury items and have long had a thing for Mulberry. When I got my first job after university ten years ago I spent half my first salary on their iconic Bayswater bag, which cost £595.

‘After that splurge, I had to save hard for a couple of years to buy another one, but now I have the means to treat myself every Christmas.’

Stephanie’s self-gifted Mulberry bags include a £695 ‘Lily’ in taupe, the same design in midnight, a larger £895 ‘Lily’ bag in grey, and a small ‘Darley’ in pale slate, which cost her £595.

‘But I never start using them before Christmas — that would spoil the excitement,’ she says.

RSPCA press officer Amy De-Keyzer, 32, feels similar anticipation about self-gifting, something she started in 2017.

Having snapped up a pair of Versace sunglasses for £300, she justified the extravagance by saving them as a Christmas present for herself.

The following December she and five girlfriends splashed out £500 each on a trip to Paris as a Christmas treat, and last year Amy took things up a notch with a £950 Louis Vuitton handbag she’d coveted.

‘My husband had never taken the hints I’ve dropped over the years, or was choosing not to, so I took matters into my own hands,’ says Amy, who lives in Horsham, West Sussex.

‘I had a meeting in London a couple of weeks before last Christmas, so I seized my opportunity to go to the Louis Vuitton shop on Bond Street and bought one as a self gift.

‘It felt indulgent and a little bit reckless to part with almost £1,000. But I work hard and squirrel money away, in part for rainy days but also so I’ve got money to spend on something other than paying the bills or feeding our dog.

‘When I left the shop I wanted everyone in the world to know I’d got a Louis Vuitton bag — I was chuffed. It’s an investment I’ll keep for years, and still makes me feel giddy every time I use it.

‘I can’t blame my husband as he’s very good at buying presents such as spa days and perfume, but I think it’s so important that we treat ourselves to luxuries now and again, as it brings a different feeling of satisfaction.’ That has certainly been the zeitgeist this year of lockdown.

Statistics from tech firm Emarsys revealed that during the first week of April — when many people couldn’t even get hold of loo rolls or pasta — consumers worldwide splurged 57 per cent more on luxury goods online, including handbags and high-end designer trainers.

Amy adds: ‘I work hard, and life is stressful, especially this year. I’m quick to treat other people at Christmas, if they get married or have a special birthday. But as women we’re not very good at treating ourselves guilt-free.

‘Even now, when I go Christmas shopping for myself there’s always that moment of: ‘I can’t believe I’m spending so much money!’ I try to remind myself I’m a generous person and enjoy buying gifts for other people that I know they’ll really love.’

Still, as if to justify her self-gifting, Amy adds that day to day she shops on the High Street.

But self-gifting gives her a thrill.

‘It’s a terrific feeling to have something under the Christmas tree that is a substantial reward for the hard work during the year,’ she adds, revealing this year’s gift to herself is a practical but expensive laptop, on order at £1,500.

‘Top of the list for Christmas 2021 are Chanel sunglasses, a pair of Jimmy Choo heels and some diamond earrings,’ she says.

‘Tis the season of giving, but it seems receiving presents from ourselves is a trend that’s here to stay.

Merry woofmas! Baubles, blankets, bags… there’s nothing you can’t personalise with your pooch’s pawtrait, as JENNI MURRAY discovers 

While most people have pictures of their children as their screensaver, I have my dogs — Butch, Frieda and Madge. And I’ve discovered there’s no end to the ways a dog lover can immortalise their pet. From tree baubles to puzzles and canvases, there’s a host of products to choose from. And here they are, my three, in every form you can think of . . . 


Hand-painted pet portrait bauble, £22.99 each,

If you haven’t decorated your tree yet or have room for more baubles, you can send a photo of your dog and have him or her hand painted onto a bauble by Kerry Clarke. Contact her via

Last orders for Christmas delivery: Sunday 20.


Glass photo clock, from £23.99 (

Ah, Butch, a clock with your ever appealing eyes gazing out at me. How long will it take you to learn that when the big hand is pointing upwards and the little hand pointing to the middle on the left it’s nine o’clock and time for walkies?

Last orders: Tomorrow


Personalised socks, £19.99 (

I think having your dog on socks is taking your passion for your furry friend a little too far. But, if you love them, they come in three sizes. Last orders: Today.


Trio photo upload mug, £9 (

I love a mug, so I’d be happy to have one of my three on the breakfast table. Last orders: Wednesday 23 with special delivery.

Jenni Murray (pictured): While most people have pictures of their children as their screensaver, I have my dogs ¿ Butch, Frieda and Madge. And I¿ve discovered there¿s no end to the ways a dog lover can immortalise their pet

Jenni Murray (pictured): While most people have pictures of their children as their screensaver, I have my dogs — Butch, Frieda and Madge. And I’ve discovered there’s no end to the ways a dog lover can immortalise their pet


Pet Mushion, £17.99 (

These pet ‘mushions’ are a bit weird. Yes, I recognise their faces, but they look somewhat deformed all squashed up into a squishy cushion. Last orders: Today


Ravensburger personalised puzzle, from £24.99 (

MY neighbour spends lots of her spare time doing jigsaws and she adores my dogs. Hope she doesn’t read this or she’ll know what she’s getting for Christmas. It can have 500, 1,000 or 1,500 pieces.

Last orders: Saturday 19


Personalised ‘Happy Woofmas’ photo upload gift wrap, £5.99 (

SORRY, Madge, but this is really not to my taste. And anyway, why spend £5.99 on something that will be ripped to shreds on Christmas morning? Last orders: Saturday 19


it may be too late to get the following products for this Christmas Day, but they’d make great purchases at any time of the year.


Custom pet fleece blanket, £54.95 (

Butch will love to curl up on his very own fleece blanket. You send a clear photo of your pet, and an artist sketches it.


Photo upload glass diamond ornament, from £49.99 (

I LOVE this: Madge held for ever in a glass diamond ornament. It’s done by etching the image using 3D laser technology. It will make me smile every time I look at it.


Photo apron, £14.99 (

My three know I’m not a fan of cooking and like to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. This apron shows a doggie photo and can carry a message with up to 70 characters. Mine would be ‘I’m in the kitchen. Get me out of here’


Embroidered T-shirt, £85,

Have your pet embroidered on the front of a T-shirt. I think Butch looks a little alarmed in this one. Maybe he thinks wearing him is taking my devotion too far! At £85 to have your animal on your chest, I agree.


Vintage pet canvas, from £54.99 (

Some of you may love to have a vintage pet canvas with your pets dressed up as historical characters. Personally I wouldn’t give it house room. It’s kitsch and I instinctively disapprove of anthropomorphism.


Pet photo blanket, £29.99 (

Madge looks very happy to be featured on this blanket, which is available in two sizes and is made of soft polyester fleece. 

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Kate Middleton’s Gold Necklace Is Engraved with George, Charlotte & Louis’ Initials Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:09:09 +0000
  • Kate Middleton wore a gold necklace with a hidden meaning during her visit to Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre in Cardiff, Wales this week.
  • The duchess’ Daniella Draper necklace can apparently be personalized.
  • Kate’s reportedly features the initials of her three children.

    This week was incredibly busy for Duchess Kate, who embarked upon a 24-hour tour of the United Kingdom to launch a national survey on early childhood development.

    For her appearance at Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre in Cardiff, the Duchess of Cambridge looked chic in a black turtleneck and coat by Massimo Dutti, which she paired with a leopard-print skirt from Zara. And Kate also wore a simple gold necklace, which reportedly has a very special meaning behind it.

    According to the Daily Mail, Duchess Kate’s gold necklace is by Daniella Draper. The Gold Diamond Midnight Moon necklace retails for £1,020, which is approximately $1,330. The piece of jewelry can be engraved with up to seven letters, and the Daily Mail reported that Kate’s necklace features the initials of her three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

    WPA PoolGetty Images

    The Duchess Of Cambridge Launches Landmark UK-Wide Survey On Early Childhood - Day Two

    Chris JacksonGetty Images

    Per Daniella Draper’s website, “Made using 100% recycled 9 carat gold.” The description also noted, “The moon is universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolise immortality, eternity, and enlightenment.”

    According to People, Duchess Kate said at the center, “I see amazing work you’re doing here in so many areas… It’s just bringing it to light. The critical work you’re doing has a massive social—and economic—impact later down the years.”

    This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at

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    ]]> AOC wore free $ 450 gold earrings and other jewelry to go with her “Tax the Rich” dress at the $ 35 Met Gala. Tue, 14 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

    Self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez donated $ 450 gold earrings as well as a dress with the inscription “Tax the Rich” at the Met Gala.

    The 14 carat hoops, along with other pieces she wore, were promotional gifts from the Mejuri jewelry brand.


    The AOC dress reads ‘Tax the Rich’Credit: Getty
    Her gold hoops cost $ 450


    Her gold hoops cost $ 450Credit: Rex

    A press release from the brand read: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore several pieces from leading jewelry brand Mejuri at the 2021 Met Gala: In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion. Alexandria wears the Large tube hoops and Dome ring.

    The bling accompanied her signature dress, a white dress with “Tax the Rich” written on the back, designed by New York-based Aurora James.

    Meanwhile, tickets for the event, which cost $ 35,000, or about median U.S. income in 2019 for $ 35,977, was given to her and her boyfriend for free.

    In the caption of her Instagram photo of the dress, the MP excused her participation as “elected” in the garish consumption of the event.

    “And yes, BEFORE anyone starts going wild – New York elected officials are regularly invited to and attend the Met because of our responsibilities in overseeing our city’s cultural institutions that serve the public. I was one of them. many present. “

    She also praised her dress designer for “opening” the doors to the Met with her.

    “Proud to work with @aurorajames as a sustainability-focused black immigrant designer who went from her dream to @brothervellies in a flea market in Brooklyn to win the @cfda against all odds – and then work together to open the doors to the Met. “

    The caption continued, “The time is now for child care, healthcare and climate action for all. Tax the rich.

    “The medium is the message,” added the caption, a reference to the essay by theorist Marshall McLuhan, who wrote that the form in which a message is communicated may be more important than the message itself.

    But many in the comments criticized the “medium” of her “message”, namely, being around the same people she had previously criticized for recent rapid increases in income inequality.

    One of them wrote: “You wore it to an event with a lot of rich people? When does the message really become the act?

    “Performative activism with a Dr. Seuss font,” wrote another of the dress’s lettering.

    “This ticket is an annual income for the working class people. Eat the rich anyway,” said another of the exorbitant cost of the event.

    AOC has already expressed its approval to tax the “ultra rich”.

    In a tweet last year, she said the level of wealth is “just not good for society.”

    “When we say ‘tax the rich’ we mean the rich in nesting doll yachts. Rich in for-profit prison. Betsy DeVos, rich in student-shark loans. -Food-stamps rich,” she wrote. .

    “Because THAT kind of rich just isn’t good for society, and it’s like 10 people.”

    This comes when she is expected to support a new tax proposal House Democrats who would fund their $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation program for health care, child care and education.

    In order to pay for the increased spending, lawmakers are proposing to increase the capital gains rate from 20% to 25%, which would hit individuals earning over $ 400,000 a year and couples over $ 450,000.

    Congresswoman expressed support for higher taxes on the rich


    Congresswoman expressed support for higher taxes on the richCredit: Getty

    We pay for your stories!

    Do you have a story for the US Sun team?

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    Louis Vuitton launches 11 Vivienne pendants Wed, 08 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

    Louis Vuitton revealed 11 crystal-adorned dolls featuring the brand’s mascot Vivienne – recently featured in the LV mobile game – who can adapt her style to any environment you place her in.

    The limited edition Travelers from VivienneCharms in the collection can be showcased as both necklace pendants and standalone display adornments. Colors are bold and playful using a wide range of precious materials including diamonds, platinum, gold, onyx, pearl and special lacquer.

    Highlight pieces include the Vivienne Panda pendant holding a bamboo rod, the Vivienne Surfur that captures the essence of a West Coast summer, the Vivienne casino dressed in a pattern of playing card suits, the Vivienne dressed monogram carved wood accents paying homage to the original LV trunks, the Vivienne Samurai holding a white gold katana, and the Vivienne Royal inspired by the royal attire of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Finally, in honor of Monsieur Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday, the Vivienne Celebration pendant is set in 18K white and yellow gold entirely covered with 124 diamonds of 36 different colors.

    To exhibit the Vivienne collection, a unique Louis Vuitton M20457 jewelry trunk is available.

    The latest series of limited edition Vivienne jewelry and the Louis Vuitton trunk are now available on the LV official website.

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    Gen Z Rise of the resin: from K-pop merchandising to pendants (it’s all over Instagram!) Tue, 07 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

    My Calcutta caught up with a few artists in their twenties who have become entrepreneurs, who alone (and rather successfully!) create resin products and make small businesses out of their passion.


    For Pratyashaa Paul, there was no doubt about the type of resin products she would make. As someone who loves the genre herself, she says, “I always knew I had to make K-pop stuff. The colors, the music, the words, the people, they are my inspiration in everyday life, so I knew I would be doing K-pop merch from the start.

    Pratyashaa Paul

    The 21-year-old artist started her own merchandise business in 2019, giving India one of its very first K-pop-based resin stores. Even after the start of the pandemic, sales so far have remained fairly constant. Part of it, she explains, could be due to the fact that K-pop still retains some popularity among young people.

    Resin products use a chemical compound which is a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener, and Pratyashaa repeatedly emphasizes the need to use good quality PPE equipment before handling the resin. It is important to let the resin stand for 24 hours in order to let it harden and set in the mold. The whole process takes around five to eight days depending on the product.

    Currently taking care of everything on her own, Pratyashaa has an official website for her store, She opens customizations for charms and jewelry, a few days a month, during which she accepts orders through her Instagram ID.


    “Hayaal means dreams”, says Aneesa Parvin, as she puts it My Calcutta the story behind its brand name. When this 20-year-old started selling resin jewelry, she decided to choose a name in the Turkish language, because of her love and fascination with it.

    Aneesa parvin

    Aneesa parvin

    Aneesa discovered the art of resin during her weekly explorations of health and wellness videos on YouTube. After two months of research, planning and experimentation, she finally launched her store in late February. “The response was overwhelming from the start. There hasn’t been a single week that I’ve been idle, without orders, ”she says. Now she sometimes processes up to 20 orders per week.

    Product manufacturing is not always a continuous process. For example, during the rainy season, due to the humidity in the air, the resin takes much longer to harden, which slows things down. Aneesa is running a one-woman show from now on, but believes that very soon she might need some help, especially with social media and product photography.

    For Aneesa, despite the pressing academic demands, the slowdown is not there. Instead, she plans to learn the skills to move upmarket. “Sometimes it has been very difficult, but not once have I thought of stopping or putting the business on the back burner,” she said.

    In addition to a wide range of resin products, Hayaal also boasts a collection of brightly colored scrunchies. Currently, she manages her shop from Instagram and accepts all orders via DMs.


    Meghma Banerjee, twenty-year-old founder of Khwabeeda, ventured into the resin world around the second half of 2020. With the pandemic slowing classes and forcing her inside, she wanted to be able to earn her own pocket money. while learning something new. “I needed to channel my creativity in one way or another,” she says.

    At the start of 2020, with no more than 10 resin artists in India, acquiring the materials was an expensive affair, often requiring international shipping. As more and more resin art companies have sprung up, the prices have come down and now almost any necessary item can be purchased online at reasonable rates. Speaking of the growing popularity of resin products, Meghma says, “The pandemic has left us with a lot of free time. So a lot of people thought of learning something new and taking advantage of it. ”

    When the lockdown restrictions were lifted for a while last year, Meghma held workshops and participated in pop-up sales. For her, there is nothing better than one-on-one interaction with customers. “The art of resin has become popular, sure, but a lot of people still ignore it. I can’t wait to introduce them to them, ”she says.

    In the event of the end of the pandemic and the reopening of the college, Meghma does not intend to close her store. As of now, she accepts orders (both personalized and otherwise) through Instagram DMs.

    Here is your chance to shed light on the gloom of the pandemic with a little sparkle and sparkle!

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    5 gold earrings that are the new language of love – Mon, 06 Sep 2021 07:01:17 +0000

    Love can be expressed in many ways. You can make them feel special without saying they are special. When it comes to the women in your life, be it your mother, sister, soul mate or daughter, you must appreciate them for their presence in your life. There are a thousand ways to enjoy them, but offer gold women’s earrings to this day remain the best. You can browse the vast collection of gold earrings for women on the internet and choose the one that would make the special women in your life the happiest. However, it would be better to opt for contemporary rather than traditional earring designs.

    Modern women today have a subtle taste for fashion, and traditional jewelry is a bit too much to blend into their wardrobe. Brands like Mia have taken the lead as they offer light and stylish gold and silver jewelry, perfect for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

    In search of best contemporary gold earrings for women? Look no further, we have selected a list of four breathtaking gold earrings that are sure to win all hearts!

    Special issue eight!

    A beautiful amalgamation of glamor and class, these gold earrings for women are numbered eight. With a total of twelve extraordinary cut diamonds, this earring is one of a kind. Can also be combined with any outfit, from the most casual to the most formal. These beauties can, without a doubt, make all your Indian ethnic clothes more stylish. In addition, these 14KT yellow gold ear studs from Mia by Tanishq are designed to give the wearer an effortless chic and feminine shine.

    Let your presence be elegant

    Let yourself be enchanted by the intricate design of these stud earrings that personify grandeur and elegance. Easy to style, these extraordinary gold earrings for women exude a magical charm that appeals to everyone. Adorned with fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds, these earrings are a variation of a six petal floral design with a sophisticated floral element in the center that adds even more to the essence of these gorgeous gold ladies earrings. .

    Brighten up your wardrobe

    A perfect gift, these earrings have a unique color combination of red and pink stones, citrine and amethyst. Finely crafted earrings that fall perfectly from the ears to radiate a look that is both fun and elegant. A colorful pair of 14KT gold earrings for women, these earrings can make great accessories for cocktails and receptions!

    Love at first sight

    A classic duo of gold and black that can instantly make any outfit ultra-stylish and chic at the same time. You can gift your wife these minimalist pure gold earrings for women on their special day to make her even more special.

    No woman can “not” fall in love with these urban gold earrings at first glance. Universally flattering, these earrings can be paired with traditional Indian outfits or western dresses or just a pair of casual jeans and a crop top.

    Earrings that matter!

    Buy stylish earings that have brands that value your money and bring you genuine products at fair prices. You can browse online and buy many modern styles and designs of pure gold earrings that can bring a smile to the face of your special someone. However, you should also consider the comfort factor when purchasing gold earrings. Brands like Mia by Tanishq offers designer earrings in pure gold, ideal for modern women who don’t want to compromise on comfort for style. So, don’t settle for the first pair of earrings you find on the internet. Instead, research as many options as possible and then make the final decision.

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    The Alkemistry Partners With Gemfields To Retail Limited Edition African Pendants Wed, 01 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

    London-based jewelry store The Alkemistry has teamed up with colored gemstone supplier Gemfields and is now offering its new limited-edition pendant.

    The Jewel of Africa x Gemfields pendant, limited to just 100 pieces, was designed to mark the completion of a trilogy of books sponsored by Gemfields.

    The book series began in 2013 with emerald, which was followed by Ruby in 2017.

    The trilogy now ends with the new version Sapphire, marking the end of nearly a decade of research by author Joanna Hardy.

    To mark this milestone, Gemfields has partnered with Jewel of Africa to create a special limited edition of 100 Jewel of Africa x Gemfields pendants crafted in the shape of the African continent and containing the “big three” gemstones in a symbolic continental kaleidoscope.

    The pendant features a 0.20 ct round Zambian emerald, 0.12 ct Mozambique ruby ​​and 0.12 ct sapphire, all set in an 18k yellow gold African outline.

    Gemfields CEO Sean Gilbertson said: “We are delighted to mark the completion of our table book trilogy with the Jewel of Africa x Gemfields pendant in continental colors.

    “Today Mozambique and Zambia derive more value than ever from their colorful gemstone resources.

    “In designing this piece, the talented Jewel of Africa team in Zambia brought to life a talisman signifying a key principle of Gemfields: that Africa’s wealth of gemstones must contribute significantly not only to the economies of the host country. , but also to host communities and the next generation. education, health and livelihood projects. We can’t wait to see the new computer lab in action.

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