Electric pendant lights – Kitchen and bathroom design

The ultimate design power weapon, lighting is an element that makes or breaks the way a kitchen looks and functions. Like the right jewelry for an outfit, lighting can be the perfect accessory for a design. Or, if you prefer, the lighting can take over the other elements of the space to allow them to shine.

When statement lighting is needed, designers have their pick of styles – from rustic to traditional to elegant. The advent of LED has given rise to a new wave of shapes that add impact, and has also offered long life with optimal energy efficiency.

Here are some of the current kitchen lighting trends:

  • Pendant lighting is now available in a range of sizes to accommodate larger islands and provide illumination for prep tasks below.
  • LEDs are leading the way, with color tweaks and customer control making them more usable than ever.
  • Pendants are all about color, as designers use lighting to add pops of bold tones to even the most neutral designs.
  • Materials run the gamut, from paper and rope to leather and wood used to add a definitive style.
  • Playful shapes are making an appearance in kitchen lighting, as pendant lights, globes and linear styles are shaken up in new configurations.
  • Metals are still in full swing, with copper, pewter and painted surfaces with gold interiors being used to make a statement.

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