Diamond rings, gold necklaces and diamond tennis bracelets

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AARTI SONAWALA is the artisan jeweler you didn’t know you needed! She is the fourth generation in the family diamond business, ARTNASH. Its factories cut and polish diamonds and gemstones, and a design house in Hong Kong creates its pieces, from ruby ​​rings and diamond engagement rings to personalized gold necklaces and diamond bracelets.

The strength of the company is its price. “From the moment the piece is designed by me until you wear it, it is under my control, hence more affordable,” says Aarti, promising that she can even make our two-carat diamond dream come true, within budget.

ARTNASH has over 100 years in the industry. Its reach and presence in key markets around the world means the best value for the buyer. You are not just buying jewelry here, but making an informed choice when it comes to quality and design. And Aarti is generous with her teaching.

ruby ring and diamond ring for engagement

Common in Diamonds and Gemstones

Aarti is a certified gemologist, diamond grader and jewelry designer. Growing up in Antwerp, Belgium, she studied business economics at Vesalius College in Brussels. Summers were spent in Los Angeles at the Gemological Institute of America.

It didn’t stop there. After college, she went to Mumbai, India to work in the family factory. “I spent a year in each department,” she says, “doing everything from sorting diamonds to learning how to make jewelry molds and setting diamonds to quality control standards. high quality”.

Aarti then moved to Houston, Texas to work in his uncle’s wholesale jewelry store, eventually joining his father in Antwerp where he had his diamond trading company. She has run her own jewelry wholesale business for over 30 years.

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Personalized Gold Necklaces, Diamond Engagement Rings and More

The Everyday Elegance collection is both modern and delicate, and can accompany you day and night. It includes gold necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond rings and earrings. Aarti’s most popular bespoke pieces include solitaire engagement and wedding rings and personalized jewelry (perfect for the girl who turns 18).

She says, “Classic designs like diamond tennis bracelets and eternity bands are definitely evergreen. My Illusion series is popular because customers feel they are getting what they pay for. The earrings look like a solitaire, but are actually made of multiple diamonds put together in a pressure setting, so they look like a diamond from afar.

Beyond tailor-made

The brand takes its bespoke service very personally, with Aarti setting out to explore the lifestyle of its customers and designing versatile pieces around them. His creations are based on a spirit of style and will last beyond fashion trends.

From new mom gifts to birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Christmas, there’s always a reason to create a special keepsake with jewelry. Gold necklaces, diamond bracelets or a ruby ​​ring maybe. Husbands and relatives take note: the mistress of the manor already knows what she wants, so it would be best to let her tell Aarti about it!

These jewelry designs have been delighting customers in Singapore since 2013. You can’t keep such a good secret, and the business continues to grow through word of mouth.

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diamond bracelets, diamond tennis bracelets

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