Diamond Rings: 5 Best Places to Buy Diamond Rings

Diamonds are the ultimate sign of romance.

“TThe link between diamonds and marriage is an old love affair, “according to Bulgari. The very first engagement ring exchange is detailed in a document dating back to 1503 – a ring and a diamond were put together and given as an engagement promise in Italy, in the city of Venice. “

According to the Italian jeweler, platinum is the best choice for a diamond ring because it “will never fade or tarnish … Rarer than gold, it is more resistant than other precious metals in jewelry – the accompaniment perfect diamond “.

As for the budget, diamonds are in a huge price range. Carat, quality and cut determine the cost and choosing the right diamond depends on a number of things.

Custom rings can cost as much as you can afford, but there are plenty of out-of-the-box options available on Main Street.

You can buy diamond rings from jeweler Michael Hill for as little as $ 199 – and even pay for them with Afterpay.

Tiffany sells diamond engagement rings starting at $ 2,500 and offers free shipping.

But if you’re really cashed in, a 5 carat round cut diamond from Blue Nile costs $ 123,500. And that’s without the group to set it up.

So, are you ready to make that purchase? Here are some of the best places to buy diamond rings.

Etincelle de Cartier ring

This 18k rose gold ring with emerald cut diamond from Cartier can be worn in multiple ways. Delicate enough to be worn on your index finger, it can also be used as an engagement ring.

Paved with brilliant-cut diamonds, it is also available in platinum or pink gold.

RRP $ 4350

Tiffany diamond ring

Tiffany Soleste Ring with Diamonds

If you are looking for ideas for a diamond ring with a difference, the Tiffany Soleste Platinum Ring is a real beauty.

With a gorgeous aquamarine in the center, surrounded by a double row of brilliant diamonds, the Soleste is a super stylish engagement ring and will last forever.

RRP $ 9900

Solitaire Chaumet

Chaumet Joséphine Splendeur Imperial Solitaire

Far from being simple, the design of the Joséphine Splendeur Imperiale solitaire is so elegant that you would think it was tailor-made.

It houses in its center a 1-carat diamond paved with brilliant-cut diamonds and a pear-cut diamond.

The price? You’ll need to request a quote from the Paris store, but a similar (but less sophisticated) Chaumet ring available from Selfridges & Co costs $ 10,550.

Recommended price: POA

Halo Blue Nile Ring

Blue Nile Bella Vaughan Sophia Triple Row Diamond Halo Ring

It’s a very long name for a very big diamond, but Blue Nile is one of the best places to buy diamond rings. Provided you can afford it.

According to Blue Nile, this 3 carat ring has “three rows of diamonds on the bands with side stones on the shanks.”

If 3 carats seems too much (says no woman ever…) then you could potentially replace it with a 2 carat diamond in the center. You would save thousands if you do.

The price of a 2 carat diamond at Blue Nile is $ 33,873. A 3 carat will cost you closer to $ 60,000.

RRP $ 15,973.65 (setting only – diamond is extra)

Bulgari Eternity Ring

Bulgari Eternity Alliance

Bulgari believes in responsible sourcing of its diamonds and every purchase comes with a GIA certificate – a quality assurance certificate from the Gemological Institute of America.

Most diamonds have very slight flaws and are graded according to what can be seen under a microscope. The fewer defects there are, the more you will pay.

Color also affects grading and ranges from slightly yellowish to crystal clear (the most expensive). But this only applies when purchasing a loose diamond that you have personalized.

The Bulgari Eternity wedding ring above is a top quality diamond ring, but it has a fixed price so you know exactly how much your diamond ring is worth.

RRP $ 20,200

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