Diamond ducks and diamond rings: cricket clubs hand out fines in the name of love

The Canberra City Cricket Club (CCCC) has fined Michael Pasqualone a “fine” for every game he shows up to without proposing to his now wife, Jess. Photos: Kerrie Brewer.

While most Canberra City Cricket Club players are “fined” for on-field infractions – letting go of a grip, forgetting your whites – one batsman has been targeted for an off-field infraction: a bare ring finger on his left hand. long-time partner.

For every game Michael Pasqualone showed up without offering to his long-term partner, Jess, his teammates made him pay $ 2 – an increase in the usual $ 1 fines for on-field infractions – which all served. to support the charity against cancer in young people Canteen.

“We’ve been together for 12 years, and we probably know half of it. [time] we were going to get married, ”says Michael.

The couple say they met online – “before it was cool… we first hid it from our family and friends, we said we met in a pub” – and that they have been together ever since.

After the couple’s engagement, the fines continued to flow, not decreasing until they got married.

It was actually Jess who introduced Michael to the cricket club, and ever since being their biggest fan on the sidelines – “everyone in the club loves Jess” – with some suggestions from family and friends. she is the only one to propose.

“Oh, that would have been a huge fine,” said Michael.

“[The fines] was actually pretty funny because I was a part of it, “adds Jess,” and because Michael had suggested to you in previous years that he was going to do something really great. “

Even after he posed the question with a carefully planned proposal at Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand, the fines continued to drop. There was no slacking off from the team until Michael and Jess officialized it.

The couple got married in May this year, after having to postpone their wedding to 2020 due to family circumstances and COVID-19, with Michael $ 172 poorer after he ended his fines and donated to Canteen – 86 matches later, or 4365 days, but who matters?

Jess and Michael at their wedding in May, with friends from Canberra City Cricket Club and their puppy, Pixel. Photo: A shot above the rest of the photograph.

Canberra City Cricket Club has long supported Canteen, having donated over $ 19,000 to the charity over the years through their Bandana Round matches, fundraisers and, of course, the system. fines.

“It adds another layer of color to our days and a bit of jokes between the players on the pitch,” said Michael. “It also gives us a constant connection to Canteen.”

And, if you’re looking for a new cricket club, or maybe just a team to help you find the courage to get down on your knees, the Canberra City Cricket Club is looking for male and female players for the season ahead.

To donate to Canteen, visit donate.canteen.org.au.

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