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Louise Moody feels a frisson of excitement as she gazes at the beautifully wrapped gift bearing her name beneath the Christmas tree. 

For come Christmas morning she knows there’ll be none of the old dread that her presents might be ill-fitting clothes, shoes she doesn’t like, or even a vacuum cleaner like one a friend’s husband once ‘treated’ her to.

Because three years ago Louise, 47, put a stop to feigned delight. Now, opening her festive gifts is, she says, utterly thrilling.

Why? Because she buys them for herself — and with some style. Her first ‘to me, from me’ gift was a 1.78-carat aqua blue diamond and platinum ring costing £4,500 for Christmas 2017.

‘It was paid for with my savings, which meant my accountant husband Andrew couldn’t protest,’ says Louise, from Chelmsford, Essex.

Louise Moody, 47, feels a frisson of excitement as she gazes at the beautifully wrapped gift bearing her name beneath the Christmas tree

‘For Christmas 2018, I bought myself a £4,500 Rolex watch, last year I blew £600 on a pair of black Louboutin heels, and this year I’ve splurged £2,000 on a platinum and diamond eternity ring.’

Self-gifting is a trend that’s exploded in recent years, but never more so than this Christmas with many of us feeling we deserve to treat ourselves after the ravages of 2020.

Known in the retail industry as the ‘lipstick effect’, research has shown that women are more likely to purchase luxury gifts for themselves during difficult times. According to drinks brand Bacardi’s research, half of Britons intend to self-gift this month, with an average spend of £181.

Global financial consultancy Deloitte says Black Friday is a major factor, with many people snapping up luxury items at a discount then wrapping them as gifts for themselves.

RSPCA press officer Amy De-Keyzer, 32, feels similar anticipation about self-gifting, something she started in 2017

RSPCA press officer Amy De-Keyzer, 32, feels similar anticipation about self-gifting, something she started in 2017

Meanwhile, the Gift Card & Voucher Association (GCVA) estimates self-gifting represents 21.8 per cent of consumer spend on gift cards — worth more than £1 billion — where shoppers buy gift cards at discounted rates for themselves,.

Psychologist Martin Goodyer says self-gifting can be hugely beneficial for our esteem.

‘There is a joy in buying gifts for other people because it helps bolster our internal self-worth,’ he says. ‘But even better is when you strengthen your self-worth by recognising you too are deserving of a special gift.

‘It need not be big nor expensive, but it must be something you would not normally buy for yourself.

‘Making sure you’re on your own list to receive a gift stimulates powerful, feel-good emotions.’

Devotees such as Louise say self-gifting is infinitely more thrilling than the anticipation of unwrapping a gift you’ll loathe.

‘I don’t want surprises — I want to treat myself to things I’ve coveted for months or even years, and the only way to ensure they find their way down our chimney at Christmas is to buy them myself,’ she says.

You might imagine her husband would feel put out that Louise has so little faith in him. On the contrary.

‘He’s useless at buying presents,’ adds Louise, who works long hours running her bakery business (sticky andsweetcupcake.co.uk) from home, where the couple live with their children aged 14 and 11.

‘The things he used to buy me usually had to go back to the shops because they didn’t fit or I didn’t like them. Even my mum tells me I’m hard to buy for.

‘Self-gifting takes the pressure off Andrew and he’s quite happy just buying me stocking fillers such as the perfume he knows I like. This year he’s buying me jeans, which I’ve chosen to make sure he doesn’t get the wrong brand, size or style.

For social-media manager Stephanie Merry it's the whiff of a new leather Mulberry handbag that puts her in the festive mood

For social-media manager Stephanie Merry it’s the whiff of a new leather Mulberry handbag that puts her in the festive mood

‘He loves antiques, so if there’s something he particularly wants I’ll buy that for him.

‘There’s a real sense of satisfaction buying myself a significant present after working extremely hard all year, frequently for 14 hours a day.

‘I’d always coveted an aqua diamond ring, and when Andrew bought himself a Rolex for his fortieth birthday, because he also works really hard, I decided I wanted one, too.

‘The eternity ring I’m self-gifting this year will replace my existing one as it’s gold whereas my wedding and engagement rings are platinum and I wanted one to match.

‘When I bought it, I handed it straight to Andrew to wrap and put under the tree. Part of the anticipation is I don’t look at my gifts after I’ve bought them until I open them at Christmas.

‘My friends don’t self-gift — they just complain about what their husbands buy for them.’

For many of us, the aromas of mince pies and mulled wine are synonymous with Christmas. But for social-media manager Stephanie Merry it’s the whiff of a new leather Mulberry handbag that puts her in the festive mood.

This is the fifth Christmas she’s gifted herself a pricey bag from the British brand, but this year she also had a Black Friday online blowout on a £370 cashmere scarf by Burberry and £360 Valentino sandals.

It is 2020, after all.

Joining them under the Christmas tree, bought during a trip to Selfridges in London, is a Mulberry Amberley in black with studs, costing £597 in the sale.

‘I should have been in Dubai with my family for Christmas, but that’s been cancelled, and with the money I’ve saved on commuting, socialising and holidays, I decided to treat myself even more than normal,’ says Stephanie, 33, who lives in Stevenage, Herts, and has a successful lifestyle blog (merrymusing.co.uk).

‘I’m single and I don’t have any nieces or nephews, so I’m indulging myself while I can and because I work really hard.’

She started self-gifting for Christmas 2016 when her blog took off as a side hustle, meaning she suddenly had more income.

‘I’ve always loved luxury items and have long had a thing for Mulberry. When I got my first job after university ten years ago I spent half my first salary on their iconic Bayswater bag, which cost £595.

‘After that splurge, I had to save hard for a couple of years to buy another one, but now I have the means to treat myself every Christmas.’

Stephanie’s self-gifted Mulberry bags include a £695 ‘Lily’ in taupe, the same design in midnight, a larger £895 ‘Lily’ bag in grey, and a small ‘Darley’ in pale slate, which cost her £595.

‘But I never start using them before Christmas — that would spoil the excitement,’ she says.

RSPCA press officer Amy De-Keyzer, 32, feels similar anticipation about self-gifting, something she started in 2017.

Having snapped up a pair of Versace sunglasses for £300, she justified the extravagance by saving them as a Christmas present for herself.

The following December she and five girlfriends splashed out £500 each on a trip to Paris as a Christmas treat, and last year Amy took things up a notch with a £950 Louis Vuitton handbag she’d coveted.

‘My husband had never taken the hints I’ve dropped over the years, or was choosing not to, so I took matters into my own hands,’ says Amy, who lives in Horsham, West Sussex.

‘I had a meeting in London a couple of weeks before last Christmas, so I seized my opportunity to go to the Louis Vuitton shop on Bond Street and bought one as a self gift.

‘It felt indulgent and a little bit reckless to part with almost £1,000. But I work hard and squirrel money away, in part for rainy days but also so I’ve got money to spend on something other than paying the bills or feeding our dog.

‘When I left the shop I wanted everyone in the world to know I’d got a Louis Vuitton bag — I was chuffed. It’s an investment I’ll keep for years, and still makes me feel giddy every time I use it.

‘I can’t blame my husband as he’s very good at buying presents such as spa days and perfume, but I think it’s so important that we treat ourselves to luxuries now and again, as it brings a different feeling of satisfaction.’ That has certainly been the zeitgeist this year of lockdown.

Statistics from tech firm Emarsys revealed that during the first week of April — when many people couldn’t even get hold of loo rolls or pasta — consumers worldwide splurged 57 per cent more on luxury goods online, including handbags and high-end designer trainers.

Amy adds: ‘I work hard, and life is stressful, especially this year. I’m quick to treat other people at Christmas, if they get married or have a special birthday. But as women we’re not very good at treating ourselves guilt-free.

‘Even now, when I go Christmas shopping for myself there’s always that moment of: ‘I can’t believe I’m spending so much money!’ I try to remind myself I’m a generous person and enjoy buying gifts for other people that I know they’ll really love.’

Still, as if to justify her self-gifting, Amy adds that day to day she shops on the High Street.

But self-gifting gives her a thrill.

‘It’s a terrific feeling to have something under the Christmas tree that is a substantial reward for the hard work during the year,’ she adds, revealing this year’s gift to herself is a practical but expensive laptop, on order at £1,500.

‘Top of the list for Christmas 2021 are Chanel sunglasses, a pair of Jimmy Choo heels and some diamond earrings,’ she says.

‘Tis the season of giving, but it seems receiving presents from ourselves is a trend that’s here to stay.

Merry woofmas! Baubles, blankets, bags… there’s nothing you can’t personalise with your pooch’s pawtrait, as JENNI MURRAY discovers 

While most people have pictures of their children as their screensaver, I have my dogs — Butch, Frieda and Madge. And I’ve discovered there’s no end to the ways a dog lover can immortalise their pet. From tree baubles to puzzles and canvases, there’s a host of products to choose from. And here they are, my three, in every form you can think of . . . 


Hand-painted pet portrait bauble, £22.99 each, etsy.com

If you haven’t decorated your tree yet or have room for more baubles, you can send a photo of your dog and have him or her hand painted onto a bauble by Kerry Clarke. Contact her via artkerry.co.uk.

Last orders for Christmas delivery: Sunday 20.


Glass photo clock, from £23.99 (cewe-photoworld.com)

Ah, Butch, a clock with your ever appealing eyes gazing out at me. How long will it take you to learn that when the big hand is pointing upwards and the little hand pointing to the middle on the left it’s nine o’clock and time for walkies?

Last orders: Tomorrow


Personalised socks, £19.99 (prezzybox.com)

I think having your dog on socks is taking your passion for your furry friend a little too far. But, if you love them, they come in three sizes. Last orders: Today.


Trio photo upload mug, £9 (moonpig.com)

I love a mug, so I’d be happy to have one of my three on the breakfast table. Last orders: Wednesday 23 with special delivery.

Jenni Murray (pictured): While most people have pictures of their children as their screensaver, I have my dogs ¿ Butch, Frieda and Madge. And I¿ve discovered there¿s no end to the ways a dog lover can immortalise their pet

Jenni Murray (pictured): While most people have pictures of their children as their screensaver, I have my dogs — Butch, Frieda and Madge. And I’ve discovered there’s no end to the ways a dog lover can immortalise their pet


Pet Mushion, £17.99 (firebox.com)

These pet ‘mushions’ are a bit weird. Yes, I recognise their faces, but they look somewhat deformed all squashed up into a squishy cushion. Last orders: Today


Ravensburger personalised puzzle, from £24.99 (cewe-photoworld.com)

MY neighbour spends lots of her spare time doing jigsaws and she adores my dogs. Hope she doesn’t read this or she’ll know what she’s getting for Christmas. It can have 500, 1,000 or 1,500 pieces.

Last orders: Saturday 19


Personalised ‘Happy Woofmas’ photo upload gift wrap, £5.99 (prezzybox.com)

SORRY, Madge, but this is really not to my taste. And anyway, why spend £5.99 on something that will be ripped to shreds on Christmas morning? Last orders: Saturday 19


it may be too late to get the following products for this Christmas Day, but they’d make great purchases at any time of the year.


Custom pet fleece blanket, £54.95 (pixaprints.co.uk)

Butch will love to curl up on his very own fleece blanket. You send a clear photo of your pet, and an artist sketches it.


Photo upload glass diamond ornament, from £49.99 (gettingpersonal.co.uk)

I LOVE this: Madge held for ever in a glass diamond ornament. It’s done by etching the image using 3D laser technology. It will make me smile every time I look at it.


Photo apron, £14.99 (gettingpersonal.co.uk)

My three know I’m not a fan of cooking and like to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. This apron shows a doggie photo and can carry a message with up to 70 characters. Mine would be ‘I’m in the kitchen. Get me out of here’


Embroidered T-shirt, £85, hoopnloop.co.uk

Have your pet embroidered on the front of a T-shirt. I think Butch looks a little alarmed in this one. Maybe he thinks wearing him is taking my devotion too far! At £85 to have your animal on your chest, I agree.


Vintage pet canvas, from £54.99 (purrandmutt.com)

Some of you may love to have a vintage pet canvas with your pets dressed up as historical characters. Personally I wouldn’t give it house room. It’s kitsch and I instinctively disapprove of anthropomorphism.


Pet photo blanket, £29.99 (lovegifts.com)

Madge looks very happy to be featured on this blanket, which is available in two sizes and is made of soft polyester fleece. 

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Mangaluru: diamond rings on body stolen by mortuary security officer, recovered https://shanesjewelry.com/mangaluru-diamond-rings-on-body-stolen-by-mortuary-security-officer-recovered/ Mon, 23 Aug 2021 03:12:20 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/mangaluru-diamond-rings-on-body-stolen-by-mortuary-security-officer-recovered/

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru (SP)

Mangaluru, August 23: The diamond rings that are said to have disappeared from the ears of the remains of a person held in the mortuary of a Bendorewell hospital in the city have since been found by Kadri police.

Harish Shetty (45), who worked as a mall security manager here, had breathed his last after suffering a heart attack on Thursday. His mortal remains were kept in the hospital morgue pending the arrival of some relatives. Even though the golden chain around her neck was removed, the diamond rings on her ears were not touched as it proved very difficult to remove them. Relatives had planned to remove the rings at the funeral and also informed morgue officials of the plan.

Harish shetty

The next day, the security guard, when approached about the missing earrings, allegedly ignored the disappearance. Kadri police were subsequently informed. Police checked the CCTV footage and discovered that the guard had stolen the rings. We learn that he later returned the rings to members of Harish Shetty’s family.

The hospital director said the relevant security guard hired three months ago and the hospital management had no idea he would steal things like that. He said the guard had been removed from his post and the hospital would provide full cooperation to the police investigation.

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Beautiful gold and diamond rings that will be an integral part of your jewelry collection https://shanesjewelry.com/beautiful-gold-and-diamond-rings-that-will-be-an-integral-part-of-your-jewelry-collection/ Fri, 13 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/beautiful-gold-and-diamond-rings-that-will-be-an-integral-part-of-your-jewelry-collection/

When it comes to precious jewelry, you can never say no to new diamond pieces, and nothing beats the charm of diamond rings. Investing in diamond rings can be a task and since we don’t buy them regularly, choosing the best ones is a priority. From budgeting to finding the latest design, we have a complete list when it comes to buying valuable rings. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the best gold and diamond rings that you would love to adorn every time and trust us you won’t regret it.

Stunning Diamond Rings For Women

Now is the perfect time to enhance your jewelry collection with these diamond rings.

1. Mia by Tanishq 14KT rose gold and diamond ring for women

This ring is made of 14KT rose gold and is adorned with real diamonds. It features a beautiful diamond in the shape of a heart.

2. 18KT (750) Malabar rose gold and diamond ring for a woman

This ring is in 18KT (750) rose gold and is hallmarked BIS. It has a beautiful elegant design with diamond embellishments on it.

3. The Aurela jeweler 18-karat yellow gold diamond ring

This ring is made of 18k gold and is adorned with real diamonds. It is hallmarked BIS. It has a round design with small diamond studs on it.

4. Candere by Kalyan Jewelers Ring in 18k yellow gold (750) with miracle diamond plaque

This beautiful ring is made of 18KT white gold and verified by the BIS hallmark. It is adorned with certified real diamonds and has SGL certificate. It features an elegant design with three stunning diamond studs on it.

5. Kisna Real Diamond Jewelery gold and diamond ring for women

Made with real diamonds and 14KT gold, this stunning ring features an abstract design and is BIS hallmarked.

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Diamond ducks and diamond rings: cricket clubs hand out fines in the name of love https://shanesjewelry.com/diamond-ducks-and-diamond-rings-cricket-clubs-hand-out-fines-in-the-name-of-love/ Sun, 01 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/diamond-ducks-and-diamond-rings-cricket-clubs-hand-out-fines-in-the-name-of-love/
The Canberra City Cricket Club (CCCC) has fined Michael Pasqualone a “fine” for every game he shows up to without proposing to his now wife, Jess. Photos: Kerrie Brewer.

While most Canberra City Cricket Club players are “fined” for on-field infractions – letting go of a grip, forgetting your whites – one batsman has been targeted for an off-field infraction: a bare ring finger on his left hand. long-time partner.

For every game Michael Pasqualone showed up without offering to his long-term partner, Jess, his teammates made him pay $ 2 – an increase in the usual $ 1 fines for on-field infractions – which all served. to support the charity against cancer in young people Canteen.

“We’ve been together for 12 years, and we probably know half of it. [time] we were going to get married, ”says Michael.

The couple say they met online – “before it was cool… we first hid it from our family and friends, we said we met in a pub” – and that they have been together ever since.

After the couple’s engagement, the fines continued to flow, not decreasing until they got married.

It was actually Jess who introduced Michael to the cricket club, and ever since being their biggest fan on the sidelines – “everyone in the club loves Jess” – with some suggestions from family and friends. she is the only one to propose.

“Oh, that would have been a huge fine,” said Michael.

“[The fines] was actually pretty funny because I was a part of it, “adds Jess,” and because Michael had suggested to you in previous years that he was going to do something really great. “

Even after he posed the question with a carefully planned proposal at Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand, the fines continued to drop. There was no slacking off from the team until Michael and Jess officialized it.

The couple got married in May this year, after having to postpone their wedding to 2020 due to family circumstances and COVID-19, with Michael $ 172 poorer after he ended his fines and donated to Canteen – 86 matches later, or 4365 days, but who matters?

Jess and Michael at their wedding in May, with friends from Canberra City Cricket Club and their puppy, Pixel. Photo: A shot above the rest of the photograph.

Canberra City Cricket Club has long supported Canteen, having donated over $ 19,000 to the charity over the years through their Bandana Round matches, fundraisers and, of course, the system. fines.

“It adds another layer of color to our days and a bit of jokes between the players on the pitch,” said Michael. “It also gives us a constant connection to Canteen.”

And, if you’re looking for a new cricket club, or maybe just a team to help you find the courage to get down on your knees, the Canberra City Cricket Club is looking for male and female players for the season ahead.

To donate to Canteen, visit donate.canteen.org.au.

Get all the latest Canberra news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, competitions and more straight to your inbox with the Canberra Weekly Daily bulletin. register here.

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The man offers his girlfriend with 6 different diamond rings and a cute giant card, react YEN.COM.GH https://shanesjewelry.com/the-man-offers-his-girlfriend-with-6-different-diamond-rings-and-a-cute-giant-card-react-yen-com-gh/ Tue, 27 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/the-man-offers-his-girlfriend-with-6-different-diamond-rings-and-a-cute-giant-card-react-yen-com-gh/
  • A man swept his heart off his feet with the unique way he brought up the question “Will you marry me”
  • The man engaged the lady with 6 different diamond rings and a giant card that had cute messages on it
  • Photos of the special moment involving the lovebirds have surfaced on social media and sparked mixed reactions

Trending topics on the go: how we write news on YEN.com.gh

A man and his girlfriend became a talking point on social media as the man engaged the lady in a special way.

Photos shared on Instagram by @goldmyne showed the moment the gentlemanly dressed guy knelt down and presented the lady with 6 different diamond rings.

The lady was overwhelmed by the man’s engagement style Photo credit: @goldmyne
Source: UGC

The lady in a wine dress covered her mouth in surprise.

A giant card with cute messages could also be seen in the background.

The identity of the man and woman could not be established until this report was written.

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Social networks react

@cakesurpriseng wrote:

“Maybe six times the man asked her to come out before she finally accepted Godu wen o !!”

@picapci remarked:

“Pick your size, let me return the rest … How could he not know it.”

@ shyposh.alexander commented:

“Hahaha …. he just tells the lady that there are more than 5 coming.”

@kay_shyboss reacted:

“She would choose the second to last. Because it’s bold and beautiful.”

@shakurvelly said:

“She will still divorce her if you are not a submissive husband.”

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The man’s proposal is rejected

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that a video appeared on social media in which a man could be seen proposing marriage to his girlfriend in a shopping mall.

The young man knelt down to ask the lady to marry him but was rejected by his lover who asked him if he was able to give him a baby.

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True love: Little man offers his big and pretty girlfriend, beautiful photos appear

When the lady asked him, the man couldn’t utter a word, and after being helped up he started to cry, saying he had used his manhood for a money ritual. for the love of the lady.

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Source: Yen Ghana

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Tiffany, Costco End Hostile 8-Year Engagement Over Diamond Rings https://shanesjewelry.com/tiffany-costco-end-hostile-8-year-engagement-over-diamond-rings/ Mon, 19 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/tiffany-costco-end-hostile-8-year-engagement-over-diamond-rings/

Tiffany & Co has ended its more than 8 year lawsuit accusing Costco of counterfeiting and trademark infringement for selling generic diamond engagement rings bearing the name “Tiffany”.

Lawyers for the companies filed a stipulation on Monday dismissing the case in Manhattan U.S. District Court.

The rejection came after a federal appeals court overturned in August a $ 21 million judgment that Tiffany, acquired in January by French luxury goods company LVMH, won in 2017 as a result of a jury trial.

A trial judge had found Costco responsible for the sale of the disputed rings, despite his claim that “Tiffany” had become an umbrella term and described the setting of the rings. This left it up to the jury to decide only how much Tiffany should get back.

But the appeals court said Costco acted in good faith and Costco customers were smart enough to realize that Tiffany had not made or endorsed the warehouse chain’s “Tiffany” rings.

Tiffany sued Costco on Valentine’s Day in 2013, to protect the brand and cachet of the now 184-year-old company. He ended the case after replacing his law firm this month.

Neither the company nor its lawyers immediately responded to requests for comment.

An estimated 3,349 customers purchased Tiffany crimp rings from Costco during the trial period, according to court documents.

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Guest of Antiques Roadshow stunned by valuation of antique diamond rings “My God!” “| Television and radio | Show biz & TV https://shanesjewelry.com/guest-of-antiques-roadshow-stunned-by-valuation-of-antique-diamond-rings-my-god-television-and-radio-show-biz-tv/ Thu, 15 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/guest-of-antiques-roadshow-stunned-by-valuation-of-antique-diamond-rings-my-god-television-and-radio-show-biz-tv/

Antiques Roadshow visited Christchurch Park in Ipswich for a previous episode of the hit BBC show. The episode saw the appraisal of an Imperial Chinese porcelain vase, some solid gold lapel badges, and paintings by a famous Suffolk artist. But, it was diamond rings that caught the eye of antiques expert Joanna Hardy. She stunned the owner of the jewelry when she revealed the items were worth around £ 10,000.

Joanna was delighted that the guest brought all three rings to the show: “Normally I get to see one ring, but here I have three.”

The guest revealed that his great-grandfather bought the rings around 1910.

She explained that they had been passed down by the family over the years and were now in her possession.

Intrigued, Joanna examined each of the three rings and rated the quality of the stones.

READ MORE: Antiques Roadshow expert issues necklace warning

Moving on to the third ring, Joanna said, “Then you have this beautiful shuttle shaped stone, again with cushion shaped diamonds and the center stone is a sapphire.

“When I look inside the sapphire with my trusting magnifying glass here, it has that kind of nice, milky, velvety feel inside and that indicates to me that it could possibly be from the cashmere.

“They are adorable. They are really beautiful,” added the gemologist.

“So I would say at auction the sapphire and shuttle diamond cluster ring here, I would say, is around £ 2,000, the diamond cluster ring is around £ 2,000 and the diamond ring is around £ 2,000 and the diamond ring is around £ 2,000. single stone diamond is around five to seven thousand pounds.

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Shihara unveils a new collection of diamond rings https://shanesjewelry.com/shihara-unveils-a-new-collection-of-diamond-rings/ Sat, 26 Jun 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/shihara-unveils-a-new-collection-of-diamond-rings/

Shihara’s diamond rings are a non-traditional engagement token

Diamond rings project uniquely shaped, finely cut diamonds into unexpected silhouettes

Diamond rings become quirky adornments in Shihara’s hands. The Tokyo-based jewelry brand is bringing a subversive twist to traditional engagement rings with a new collection inspired by a collection of eclectically shaped diamonds.

“My designs may seem minimal because I design them as functional accessories rather than decorative pieces,” Shihara designer Yuta Ishihara tells us. “People are so used to using certain clasps and closures – like the necklace clasp, earring backs, or even buttons – that they don’t get reviewed often. Innovation is about delivering something new and never seen before, so I often try to redefine the way jewelry is worn by rethinking the features that have been passed down for centuries. ‘

The new collection of rings places diamonds in unexpected positions, rethinking classic shapes. Triangle-shaped diamonds flicker on their gold bands, or in other pieces sit, grid-shaped, in circles of gold. Although generally led by design, Ishihara this time brought the unique shapes of diamonds to the fore, with rings designed to accentuate their cuts and character. Thin-cut, diamonds are surprisingly flat and have a larger surface area, which makes them comfortable to wear. Without the need for claws, they can be worn close to the finger.

“Each rough diamond has a unique shape, and diamond prices are calculated based on their carat weight,” Ishihara adds. “Even though the visible area of ​​a diamond is small, it is generally more valuable if it has depth; the less carats it has, the less it is worth, so diamond cutters try to cut the rough diamond as little as possible. In this collection, I have chosen mostly fine cut diamonds, instead of the popular brilliant, princess and emerald cuts which are more commonly available. ‘ §

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26 diamond rings, illicit drugs and handguns seized by RCMP traffic unit in Alberta https://shanesjewelry.com/26-diamond-rings-illicit-drugs-and-handguns-seized-by-rcmp-traffic-unit-in-alberta/ Thu, 17 Jun 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/26-diamond-rings-illicit-drugs-and-handguns-seized-by-rcmp-traffic-unit-in-alberta/

The Alberta RCMP roving unit seized more than 50,000 doses of illicit drugs and nearly $ 150,000 of contraband items, including diamonds, jewelry and handguns, during of a series of road stops on Alberta roads since January.

The specialized unit works to end travel-related crime across Alberta by seizing contraband and intercepting criminal activity.

So far this year, the unit has made 11 seizures, resulting in the removal of more than 50,000 doses of illicit drugs from communities, as well as more than $ 148,900 of contraband, RTU said in a report on Thursday. communicated.

Contraband items processed include $ 32,645 in Canadian currency, $ 115,767 in diamonds and jewelry, and six handguns.

Recent major seizures:

  • During a traffic stop in Banff in March, RTU stopped two vehicles traveling together, one of which had been stolen. The driver of the second vehicle fled, while the driver of the stolen vehicle remained at the scene. When the police searched the stolen vehicle, they found four pistols and one kilogram of fentanyl, or approximately 10,000 doses. RCMP located the other driver in Canmore and seized two loaded pistols, approximately $ 15,000 in cash, an assault rifle suppressor and cell phones, as well as 26 diamond rings and seven diamonds linked to a recent theft. .
  • In April, RTU members stopped an Alberta-registered van in Banff that was found to be carrying 143 cannabis plants for distribution. The driver was arrested.
  • In Canmore, RTU stopped a car with BC plates later in April. During their investigation, the two occupants were arrested and police seized 750 grams of methamphetamine, 500 grams of cocaine and 100 grams of what police described as “suspected fentanyl”.

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Diamond rings Mehul Choksi gave me turned out to be fake, girlfriend Barbara Jarabica rumored https://shanesjewelry.com/diamond-rings-mehul-choksi-gave-me-turned-out-to-be-fake-girlfriend-barbara-jarabica-rumored/ Wed, 09 Jun 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://shanesjewelry.com/diamond-rings-mehul-choksi-gave-me-turned-out-to-be-fake-girlfriend-barbara-jarabica-rumored/

Fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi’s girlfriend Barbara Jarabica clarified that she had played no role in his recent kidnapping, claiming the 62-year-old himself had approached her in Antigua in 2020.

Jarabica alleged that Choksi’s family and lawyers were dragging his name into this fiasco and that it also caused stress among his own acquaintances.

“I was a friend of Choksi. Choksi introduced himself as Raj and approached me last year when I visited. He became friendly and then started flirting. He also gave me diamond rings and bracelets which turned out to be fakes, ”the lady said in a report from India today.

She further mentioned that the businessman gradually began to develop sympathy for her, even expressing to Jarabica that she was her soul mate.

The woman, however, revealed that Choksi’s obsession had started bothering her recently, although the duo struck a deal to do business together in May this year.

The fugitive tycoon has apparently also insisted that Jarabica has settled in the Caribbean islands themselves.

“I have nothing to do with his kidnapping. My name is dragged along by lawyers and family members of Mehul Choksi. My family and I are stressed, ”said the oft-cited“ mystery woman ”.

She added jokingly, “We had a bit of a fight when he tried to kiss me in his office. If I had to do an abduction, why would I use my name.

On the other hand, Choksi allegedly claimed that Jarabica befriended her staff to accompany her on her night walks, later asking her to come and pick her up from her home on May 23 when eight to ten members of the Antigua police captured him.

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