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Even if you’re not a big jewelry lover, it’s hard to resist the lure of a diamond.

Forged under unfathomable amounts of time and pressure, gemstones are the hardest material on the planet and among the most valuable.

One of the reasons they are so expensive and prized is that they are incredibly rare and take around 3.3 billion years to form, almost three quarters of the total age of our planet. . Mined from the depths of the Earth, they were often associated with wars, deforestation, environmental disasters and bloodshed, earning them the unwanted nickname of conflict diamonds.

Today, with advances in technology, there is a 21st century way to wear these dazzling stones in an ethical and socially responsible way: lab-grown diamonds.

How are synthetic diamonds made?

Also known as man-made or cultured diamonds, they are literal carbon copies of gemstones found in the earth, except that they take less than a month to grow in a controlled environment.

Scientists take tiny diamond “seeds” and cultivate them by subjecting them to high pressure and temperatures so that layers of carbon quickly form on them. In addition to clear diamonds, labs can also make them in rare shades like pink and yellow.

What is the advantage of synthetic diamonds?

This method is a winner from all points of view: no environmental impact, no land grabbing, zero war. Just beautiful jewelry for all to enjoy at a fraction of the cost of earth mined diamonds, usually around 40-50% less on the RRP. It’s no wonder they’re quickly becoming the top choice for those looking to get down on their knees.

Lab-grown diamonds on a recycled metal band are the most popular sustainable wedding trend, having been saved 57,112 times, according to research by The same study found that searches for “lab diamond engagement ring” have increased by 179% in the last 12 months, showing that couples are becoming more environmentally conscious when it comes to their “I do”.

With more brands offering sustainable and ethical lab-grown diamonds, there are more choices than ever.

So we’re here with a helping hand and a curated selection to help you shop diamond rings easily.

See our favorites below

Lark & ​​Berry Aerides Diamond Dress Ring

Lark & ​​Bay

The brilliance of a diamond ring is mesmerizing whether it’s mined from the earth or grown in a lab – although in our opinion a cultured stone shines brighter because of its ethical side. Admire this stunning design in 18k white gold studded with lab-grown diamonds and sapphires all day, because as the brand notes, “no one should need a reason to wear something so beautiful.” If you’re hoping to offer it as a proposal, it’s a tough rock to turn down.

Brilliant Earth Petite Twist Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

shiny earth

Another primed option to pop the Big Q, this jaw-dropping ring is sure to get the right reaction. It features a shimmering strand of pavé diamonds framing the center rock that you can get in different shapes, though we think round symmetry works best for this look. You can be assured that all of Brilliant Earth’s gemstones are from a conflict-free source, but not all of them are lab grown. Some are recycled stones, but the good news is that neither method requires re-mining – and that’s only a good thing. The ethical jeweler also offers a selection of fashion and stacking rings and other pieces at impressive prices.

Pandora Brilliance Diamond Ring 14k Gold 1.00 Carat


Best known for its collectible charms, Pandora has added a new collection to its offering, aimed at empowering modern women. Named Brilliance, it uses lab-grown diamonds on its earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces to bring guilt-free sparkle to your jewelry box. This modern infinity design places a 1 ct stone in the center of the 14k yellow gold setting, providing a timeless piece of jewelry to love every day. Also available in white gold and different carats.

The Diamond Store Anastasia Lab Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 18k White Gold 1.30ctw G/SI1

The diamond store

Offering an extensive range of diamond jewelry (including watches), The Diamond Store is one of the largest gemstone suppliers available on the internet. Head to its Sustainable Lab Diamond Engagement Rings section if you’re looking to fall in love; each design is more beautiful than the previous one. We’re captivated by the Anastasia, which features a cushion-cut solitaire framed by a double halo setting, diamonds encrusted throughout the 18k white gold band. Destined to become a family heirloom.

Comes with a five year warranty.

Mejuri Wishbone Stacker Set


Things are more fun; a fact that jeweler Mejuri knows and appreciates with this set of double rings. Designed to be worn together, the triangle-shaped rings are both set in solid 14k gold, one of which is embellished with a chain of pavé diamonds, sourced from socially responsible vendors who offer stones without conflict. Comes with a two year guarantee and available in a selection of sizes.

Monica Vinader’s Skinny Eternity Ring

Monique Vinader

A fancy ring at a price that won’t make you wince, this fashion design by Monica Vinader is made with ethically sourced diamonds and recycled gold and silver for the band. A great gift for a friend – or just a nice treat for yourself.

Edge of Ember Constellation Diamond Ring – Yellow Gold

Ember Edge

Bring the diamond from heaven to (almost) your fingertips with this ring from Edge of Ember’s Conscious Collection, which uses 100% recycled metals and white and yellow synthetic diamonds. This unusual celestial-inspired design is perfect for a little self-care splurge with a price tag that just over £200. We think you’ll agree, that’s not bad for a bonafide diamond ring.

Kimai the Jackie ring


Kimai started with a small collection of lab-grown diamond studs, but the jeweler has become so popular that it now offers a selection of stunning engagement rings.

Kimai combines its ethical stones with recycled 18-karat gold, creating familiar designs like this Jackie ring where the pear-shaped stone appears to float along the band.

Kimai aims to create jewelry of the future without the social and environmental cost of traditional mining. Fans include Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Meghan Markle.

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